Libido Events - Welcome


Libido Events is a Vancouver-based production company that organizes sex-positive events celebrating alternative sexuality.

These events span a wide range. The mainstay of Libido Events is sex education classes and coaching. Its Erotic Arts Curriculum contains forty seven classes and workshops (so far), which are regularly taught in its facility, Libido Lounge, and at local colleges, universities, clubs, trade shows, and other venues. The subject matter is varied: from a guide to local events and resources to flirting techniques to dicussions on complex topics like polyamory all the way to demonstrations or fully interactive workshops on bondage, wax and ice play, G-spot stimulation, and more.

All offerings in the Erotic Arts Curriculum are also available as privately-taught classes, for interested people who are unable or unwilling to attend the public or semi-public classes or who prefer not to wait. In addition, private coaching or consultation is also available; for such private coaching or consultation, the topics and flow of discussion are not limited to the Curriculum but can be guided by the client.

Besides educational events, Libido Events also hosts social and play-based adult events, for students to put their lessons into practice or to explore further on their own. Among these are Deviant Dining, a potluck dinner; The Exploratorium, a self-guided 'sampler platter' of different kinds of kink activities; Naughty, a pansexual play party; Sultry, a couples-only bathhouse evening; and Dirty Girls, a women-only play party.


As of late 2009, Libido Events is excited to present the newest Libido Lounge to both new and previous members (and their guests). As the main venue for all manner of sex-positive educational, social and play-based adult events offered, the membership is continuously growing and includes an age range from 19 to 80; including singles, couples, women and men of various persuasions. We are proud to provide a safe environment for you to meet others and explore your desires.
Libido Events welcomes everyone 19 years of age or older. With our community center approach, we provide your best opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals and to take classes in the erotic arts. You'll always feel welcome--no matter if you are new or experienced, shy or outgoing, introverted or extroverted, or even whether you experience concerns with body image or are totally comfortable in nothing more than your own skin; you have a place with us. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, and there is never any pressure to do anything more than your comfort zone permits. Each event also features ambassadors to help introduce you to others and to answer your questions.
Libido Lounge is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility with no outside smoking. Free parking is always in abundance for all our events. Special events for couples, women and singles are taking place every month--we encourage you to join in on the educational opportunities, social networking, and monthly featured events.
Our nearly 3000 square foot facility is within two blocks of a Skytrain station and bus loop, and just a turn around the corner from a main traffic route. Upon entry into the Lounge, you will hear the trails of ambient music and lively discussion as you are graced by a well-lit, open area in which to take your coat off (and change when necessary), store your belongings for the evening, and leave the cares of the day behind you. Tucked away within this area, a generously sized bathroom containing a bounty of supplies is located away from play and social areas for your convenience and privacy. Tasteful erotic artwork is featured throughout the Lounge, and the collection is always expanding.
Next, you will set foot on the the Lounge's main floor as the sound of music and chatter climbs our 3-storey high ceilings. A relaxing social area is arranged with comfortable leather couches and coffee tables just beyond our fully stocked kitchen. Beverages and snacks are provided at all events. Around the bend from the small private upstairs office, the remainder of the Lounge's main floor features a dedicated play space: sexy adult playground items and an abundance of exotic equipment is rearranged prior to each upcoming event.
Members (and their guests) have access to all of the facilities ammenities, including a fully stocked kitchen with refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave; many couches, beds and massage tables; multiple pieces of bondage furniture, including a suspension frame; a gyno table; human cages; Sybian high-tech sex machines; a Monkey Rocker; the Red Rocket; and much more. Members also have access to the large lending library and the ability to book the Lounge (including all its facilities) for private use. Come on out and play with us!


Libido Events uses Libido Lounge as the venue for a majority of its events and Libido Lounge in turn allows Libido Events to host more events than it otherwise would be able to, and for both to grow as a result. While the two are separate entities, they are very closely related.

Membership in Libido Lounge is required to attend most (but not all) Libido Events events held there. Membership is not required for most (but not all) Libido Events classes held at venues other than Libido Lounge, and is not required to hire Libido Events for private classes, coaching, or consultation. We highly recommend joining Libido Lounge so that you have full access to all of Libido Events' activities and resources.

Both Libido Events and Libido Lounge plan to be around for years to come and to expand to be even more active in sex-positive culture in Greater Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest.


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