Libido Events - Restraining Order


bondage enthusiasts: social & play time

The Suspension Rack and frame will be ready for your creativity. The Bondage Tables will be set up and also all of our regular play equipment set up for your pleasure.

Two bondage chairs will be available as will many beds with full anchoring points for all your evil plans.

Attend alone, with your partner or come meet and play with some one new!

You might be fit to be tied or tied to be fit. You might be very, very knotty or a complete rope novice. You can have a hankering to be bound and suspended or an interest in learning the perfect hog tie.  What matters most is that you've got an interest in bondage and would like to spend a casual evening with like minded individuals.

Restraining Order is Libido Lounges Bondage Night, a light and fun evening of snacks, socializing and the possibility of making the acquaintance of truly intriguing souls with a shared interest.

Couples, singles, men and women are welcome.  Novices throught to experts are all welcome to join in on this collaborative event.

Bring your bondage gear and a willing spirit. You might learn something new or teach something new, but one thing is for sure, you'll enjoy yourself!

No dress code.

A private area is set aside specifically for sex play and bondage combined. [should you do desire]