Libido Events - Cupids Play Party

Cupids Catch

A decadent and memorable Valentines Day Soiree at Libido Lounge. Swanky music,  great friends, grand food and incredible eye candy.

Guests are invited to partake in our tantalizing human dessert platters.  There will be a stunning woman and buff young man, who will lay before you covered in scrumptious morsels and sexy servers to fetch your drinks.  

All your snacks, nibblies and drinks are included in your ticket price, as well as naughty supplies.

Live performances (a strip show and a fire spinning show) , play areas, rope space, social spaces, laughter, sexiness and a lot of playfulness.

Projector screen show and door prizes.

Bring your toys and be prepared for action.

Dress Code:  You must wear something obvious to the eye in RED AND/OR WHITE, dress sexy, because it's a party and it matters.