Libido Events - Back To School Party

After a long hot summer of freedom and fun, school is back in session.  Naughty school boys and girls no doubt need some encouragement to get back to the books, and stern head masters or mistresses are probably itching to bring back some order to unruly pupils.

Our head teacher will check you in upon your arrival and the principal will be making her rounds to ensure you're dressed the part. The hall monitor has planned some dirty games for recess, perhaps you'll play along? 

Come in your shortest skirts, tightest little shorts, or cheerleader outfit and don't forget to bring along your favorite ruler, sexy treats in a lunch box, and a shiny red apple to hopefully win over the teacher.  Or, pull your hair into a tight bun, or put on a sweater vest and grab your favorite yard stick - these students need some discipline!

There will be hot sexy prizes for the best dressed student, and for the most appropriately dressed couple.

This is a themed party, so dress to fit in.  This is also a sex party, so plan on meeting others interested in being daring, naughty and role playing.

Visit the cafeteria for yummy snacks all night long to keep you energized.